As the daughter of a D.J., Eileen grew up dancing on Dad's speakers, and she brings that same volume and energy to her DTDC classes. A science teacher by day and hip hop badass by night, Eileen says she got hooked on DTDC on Day 1, "I've always been active, but I was never able to stick with one workout until I found DTDC. The choreography model is completely addictive."


Kerstin has been dancing for almost 30 years and in every city she's lived (New York, Buenos Aires, Paris, Nairobi, Geneva, to name a few.) She was a national champion collegiate dancer and has taught youth dance classes around DC.


A former NCAA soccer player with little formal dance training, you'll never catch Lindsay pointing her toes or spotting her turns. But she will jump really high, kick really hard, and give you a crazy good workout. "I feel like I've hacked exercise. DTDC is so fun you only realize that it's hard because you leave drenched in sweat!"


Michelle was a high school and college cheerleader  -- and the pep certainly shows through in her DTDC classes. Michelle's enthusiasm is contagious and her memory for choreography is incredible. "I've tried a million workouts and DTDC is by far the most fun. No matter how tough my day was before class, I always leave DTDC in the best mood."


Myriam began dancing at the age of 5 in her home country of Paraguay. She studied ballet for 11 years and danced competitively after the age of 13. Myriam is a beautiful dancer and calls DTDC, "the perfect workout. Good for the mind, body and soul."


Nicole grew up dancing in every style from tap to ballet before going on to join her college dance team. A highly technical (and sassy) dancer, Nicole says DTDC scratches the ever-present dance-itch in her life, "I no longer need perfect technique, but I still have 8 counts, choreography and hair flips in my life --  which means I'll never get bored with my workout."