Reasons Dance Trance Is Awesome:

1) Endorphins.There literally is no point during the week you are happier than you are after Dance Trance High Cardio. It straight up does not exist.

2) STFU, Internal Monologue. Even for the most Type-A person, it is just not possible to think about your annoying boss or roommate who refuses do the dishes while you're trying to remember whether to kick or jump. Dance Trance is the only time of day when my internal monologue turns off

3) A Workout Hack. I feel like I've hacked working out. When I'm at Dance Trance, my mind is so occupied by the routines and I'm having such a blast that I don't feel like I'm working out. That is, until after when I'm so tired that all I can do is melt into the couch, drenched in sweat. 

4) The Music. The dances are set to different types of songs and they're somehow the same songs that have me moving when I hear them in the bar or on my morning commute. ​But at Dance Trance, I get a workout when I'm dancing to them.


How is Dance Trance different from other dance fitness classes? 

Dance Trance is a mental workout as well as a physical one. You’ll still sweat it out while jumping, squatting, kicking, and booty popping, but Dance Trance routines are highly choreographed so you’ll be so busy trying to remember which move comes next you won’t have time to think about what a killer workout you’re getting.

How does Dance Trance work?

Every week we choreograph a brand-new routine to a song you hear on the radio, the way you hear it on the radio (there’s no Dance Trance remix). We teach the new routine step-by-step at “Breakdown” on Tuesday and Saturday, and during “High Cardio,” we dance to our old routines back-to-back, without verbal instruction. Every new routine stays on the “High Cardio” playlist for 6 weeks, so you have a chance to practice it and crush it.

What's in a playlist?

With a brand new dance every week, our playlists are always changing so you’ll never get bored. Though no two playlists are identical, each playlist will feature the 6 newest dances, a warm-up, a cool-down, and older routines that the instructor has selected to rock out to that day. 

What can I expect of the choreography?

Some squatting, some jumping, and some booty shaking. And scream singing. Lots of scream singing. Every routine has 3-4 parts that repeat themselves, and chances are that if we do a move to the right, we’ll also do it to the left. 

Do I need to have dance experience?

Helllllll no! A range of danceabilities comprise our membership. A few of our longer-term members grew up dancing, but the vast majority are people with little-to-no dance experience who would rather burn their calories by fist pumping than by pumping iron.

What if I don't know the moves?

You'll be so busy remembering choreography that you won't have time to think about work stress, relationship drama, or even how tough a workout you're getting. You'll also be too busy rocking out to notice what your neighbor is doing -- and that works both ways. The "dance like nobody is watching" cliche has never applied more, so don't worry about looking silly or knowing the moves (I pinky promise that no one is Broadway-bound). Keep moving and grooving and you'll get a killer workout.

If you do want to learn older routines, take a Sunday “Breakdown & High Cardio” or “DTDC 101” class where we older routines you might not have caught the first time we broke them down. 

What if I haven’t worked out in a bit?

You will be totally, and completely fine. And I'm not just saying that. By the nature of the workout, each person customizes each routine so meets exactly what they need on any given day. Want to push yourself? Squat a little deeper. Feeling tired? Don't kick quite as high. Bad knees? Skip the jump and jog in place. No one but you knows what you’re doing – so the workout is entirely yours. 

How many calories can I expect to burn during a Dance Trance class?

We haven’t tested it in a lab, but our smart watches tell us that we usually burn around 1,000 calories during a 2 hour Saturday class (yup! you read that right – 1,000!!) 

What should I wear?

Closed-toed shoes are required for safety, but everything else is up to you as long as you can dance in it! Most people wear sneakers, workout pants/leggings or shorts, and tank tops or t-shirts. For inspiration, check us out our photos here or on social media.

What happens after class?

We brunch! Let’s face it, making friends in adulthood can suck, so we make that a bit easier through Dance Trance. You can pretty much count on a handful of people walking from the dance floor to a nearby coffee shop/restaurant after a weekend class, and everyone is always invited (though never compelled! Heading home to flop on the couch with post-DTDC exhaustion is a perfectly acceptable path, too!)

What if I have to cancel?

Please note that cancellations made less than three hours in advance of class will be marked as no-shows and will result in the loss of the class (for dancers using a class pack) or a $10 cancellation fee (for unlimited members).